Saturday, March 31, 2012

Brunches are a girls (or guys) best friend

  Forget diamonds, brunches are a girls new best friend.  Sure diamonds are pretty, but nothing makes you happy like a good breakfast.  They say it's the most important meal of the day, so why not start your day off with a bang?  Of course brunches have more than just breakfast, you can also sample a delicious array of meats and sandwiches and soups, oh my!  But wait there's more!  No really, there is.  You can pretty much find anything your litte heart desires at a brunch.  And the best part is, you''ll leave with a full stomach and a full wallet. Most places have a pre-fixed price that covers either a buffet or a sampling menu.  If you don't see a pre-fix don't panic, even the most posh place in town has a more affordable brunch menu.  So for a small fee, you can eat to your hearts content, or your stomach fills up.  Keep in mind this is not your parent's buffet. There's no powdered eggs or burnt bacon, I'm talking about fois gras french toast, cottage cheese waffles, omelets made to order, fresh locks, steak tartare...need I say more?  There is literally someting for everyone.  You can eat them here, you can eat them there, you can eat them anywhere; "in a car or in a tree, they are so good so good you see".  Ok so maybe not in a car or a tree, but like green eggs and ham, brunch is good pretty much anywhere. So get out there, go exploring and find your favorite brunch spot.  I promise it will be one delicious journey!

My home-made brunch- Poached eggs over grilled asparagus with fresh basil pesto and crustini!

Keep your mouth happy and your wallets full!
<3 DD

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