Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesdays Wine of the Week

It's finally here, my first pick for Wednesday's wine of the week!  So what's my first big pick..the very aptly name Cupcake "Angel Food".  This wine really is divine, it's so good it's almost sinful!  Not only can you find a bottle for about $14 (a plus for any win enthusiast on a budget), but it has a sweet refreshing taste.  This wine really mimics the taste of an angel food cake;  you can taste that light and delicate slightly lemony vanilla flavor in every sip, it's cake with a kick!  For those of you expecting me to say it has a floral aroma with a fruity body (which it does), this is not that type of wine review.  Who knows what that even means anyway, I mean really what does a "floral aroma" really tell you about the way it tastes.  At any rate, for me this wine was love at first sip. I have not drank a different kind of wine in over 2 weeks, it's THAT GOOD! It makes a great pairing with pretty much anything. Food and "Angel Food" go together like Bert and Ernie or Scooby and Shaggy.   So far I've had it with pasta, shrimp, chicken, in the bathtub, on my couch; in the words of fergie "I'm addicted and I just cant get enough!"It's the kind of wine that is perfect for sitting outside on a spring day, sipping on a sailboat or pretty much anything.  So all you lovers of wine, or cake, RUN not walk to your nearest liqour store and pick up a bottle of this angelic wine, and experience heaven on earth.

Keep your mouths happy and your wallets full!
<3 DD

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