Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday's Wine of the Week

Avalon Sauvignon Blanc
 I had the fortune of trying this wine during Restaurant week at BYOB restaurant.  It was a very nice compliment to my delicious lobster feast.  I originally stumbled upon this bottle by accident.  See one of my favorite ways to find good wines is by asking, I know thats a little tough for some of you stubborn people out there.  My own father would rather drive around for a half an hour trying to find the right way rather than asking for directions.  Like hello if you had just asked you could have been there a half an ago instead of wasting your gas.  At any rate, as I said before, I like to walk into a liquor store and say "Hi I need a good bottle of wine that costs around $10."  You would be surprised at how many good ten dollar bottles of wine they suggest. So I brought the bottle home and my whole family fell in love.  My parents went out and bought 3 bottles... it was that good.

    Ok now that i've rambled on like a grandma in her rocking chair talking about "when I was a kid", I can get back to present day.  So as I was saying, it is definitely a great wine for seafood.  The wine itself tastes like like a summertime breeze.  It is light and crisp and tropical fruity and somewhat citrusy.  It has just a hint of sweetness which is balanced out by a light minerally flavor.  Some people have described it as grassy, however not being a cow, that does not sound very appealing.  Rest assure that being some who has tasted grass (I was an active child) this wine reminds me nothing of it. I'm assuming that they are referring to the slight minerally taste, however,  I find it to a have nice earthy note that provides a nice foil for the fruity flavor. It's kind of like a freak show, there's a lot of weird things going on, but they work together nicely to make one fantastic result ! I promise you, this is a very well balanced and delicious bottle of wine. The best part is most places sell it for $11.99, so you can buy it in bulk. Happy drinking folks!

Keep your wallets full and your mouths happy
<3 DD

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