Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Hour at Ruth’s Chris

                This Friday I found myself in King of Prussia PA hunting down a dress for my sister’s graduation.  Surprisingly it was not as easy to find a dress as it thought it would be, but that is beside the point.  What started as a potential disaster ended up turning into a blessing in disguise. Thanks my sister’s inability to properly use Google we ended up at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  Normally, I would steer clear of the upscale pricy steakhouse (yes that was supposed to be a pun) but their $7 happy hour makes it affordable for the underpaid college graduates of America like me. Their menu has mostly beef options, but they also have a few seafood choices.  While this might not be the best choice for a vegetarian for those of us of the carnivorous persuasion it’s a dream come true.  One of the best choices on the menu is USDA with fries burger for $7. Talk about a deal, that’s like fast food prices.  Spoiler alert: I didn’t order the burger; while it was tempting, I was saving my weekly burger allotment for the next day.  My sister and I shared spicy lobster bites, seared Ahi Tuna and Osso Bucco ravioli. The ravioli were a bit of a splurge at $13 (they weren’t on the happy hour menu) but they were with every penny.  These tender veal filled pockets were smothered in a light and buttery Osso Bucco sauce.   It was a delicious play on the classic Italian dish, keeping all the flavors of the veal dish while incorporating the comforting starchiness of pasta.  The lobster bites were fried and covered in a spicy cream sauce.  I never would have thought fry lobster but thank Neptune they think out of the box.  The coating was light and had a kick that was a nice complement to the sweetness of the lobster.  The tuna was sushi grade (is there any other grade) and deserves an A+.  You could really taste the freshness of the fish; it had a light sear and a slightly salty and acidic sauce that tied it all together.   Top that off with a pomegranate martini and you got a fiesta; or at least a finger licking good feast. 

Keep your wallets full and your mouth happy 
<3 DD

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