Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesdays Wine of the Week

                 In a wine of the week first I am writing about a wine while sipping it.  Talk about multi-tasking! Not surprising it is a white wine (I am clearly not much of a red wine drinker), that is rather crisp with a grapefruit finish.  It cost me only $11.99 at the liquor store.. added bonus.  It has a classy taste without the classy pricetag. So what is this mystery wine? It goes by the name of Ecco Domani Pino Grigio.  Even the name sounds good, like an exciting afternoon through the countryside on a Vespa in Italy.  It tastes like one too, very refreshing, light, and just a hint of playful sweetness.  At the risk of hurting other wines feelings this may be my favorite wine of the week so far.  I had it this evening with salmon burgers (that I made myself!) and it was a great compliment to the flavor of the fish.  I would also like to add that I make a phenomenal salmon burger, but don’t ask me for the recipe I don’t use them. To me cooking (and drinking) should be expressive and interpretive. It should bring out your personality and passion. Cooking is meant to be done with feeling, recipe’s are just too rigid for me J.
Like my cooking, this wine is a combination of different elements that sing when they are put together.  It is a mix of tropical fruit and grapes and citrus that engulfs your tongue in deliciousness.  It’s bright and lively like a 5 year old girl that won’t shut up yet surprisingly smooth.  I give this wine a gold star!

Keep your wallets full and your mouths happy
<3 DD

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