Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday’s Wine of the Week

 I can honestly say that this week’s wine wins the award for most fun to say and best back story.  In fact it was its name, Tussock Jumper, that made me want to buy it.  I mean you can’t walk past a wine named Tussock Jumper and not buy it; it sounds like something drunk people yell out a party, i.e. a good time.  To top it off the label had a sheep with a sweater, which I came to find out was the sheep behind the wine.  According to the story Tussock Jumper was a wine loving sheep who wanted to use only native varietals. Naturally since they seemed to have a quirky and slightly ridiculous sense of humor like myself, I had to find out what this wine was about.  The color of it was probably the lightest of ever seen, it was barely yellow.  At first sip the wine reminded me of candied bacon, possibly because I had just devoured a bacon cheeseburger (don’t judge I like my beef), but it had a sweet yet slightly smoky taste.  On second sip I tasted more of a fruity mix.  It was tropical with a hint of pear, tangerine and kiwi.  Of course it had my attention of this point so I had to keep drinking.  I mean if I had stopped at two sips I wouldn’t be able to tell all of you how it tasted.  So after 3 sips it kind of grew on me like that bag your mom gets you that seems fugly but then goes with most of your outfits.  I will definitely be buying a bottle again.  It seems like a great bottle to eat with a carton of lo mein while sitting around with your friends.  Anyone who wants to try a wine that is one of a kind I suggest you try this one!

Keep your wallets full and your mouth happy
<3 DD

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