Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday's wine of the Week

This week’s wine is kind of a mutt, much like me.  Like its title, Ensemble, it is a symphony that both incorporates and highlights different varietals; a real crowd pleaser for fans of white wines.  It combines the best qualities of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, which happen to be two of my favorite types.  This wine is nothing but net so to speak.  It doesn’t have that sort of metal aftertaste that can be found in some wines (that taste that gives you the "ick this is hard to swallow" face; it starts clean and ends clean like a swish.  The flavor isn’t muddied or distorted, just fresh and fruity. In fact you can taste a unique orange note that most other white wines don’t have.  As far as wines go, that’s about as rare as finding Waldo.  Of course you can also taste the usual suspects; peach, tropical fruit etc. but it does it with a twist.  It really breaks the mold of traditional whites, giving you a surprise orangey aftertaste at the end of every sip.  Yes, I am aware it is no stick on tattoo from the bottom the cereal box, but it is still pretty exciting.  One sip and you’ll be riding on the good ship lollipop.  That doesn’t mean you’re going to drown in a sea of sugar, the sweetness is more of a subtle note that compliments the other flavors.  Somehow, it reminds me of my personality in a bottle; a unique, original, sweet, crazy mix that no one has ever seen before.  I know that may sound intimidating, but rest assure that I am somewhat perfectly normal.  Surprisingly, I think this wine would go best with spicy foods or Asian Cuisine.  It has a light, bright (insert 90’s toy jingle here) flavor that would provide a nice compliment to bold flavors.  If I haven’t sold you yet I should mention that this party in a bottle only cost about $13.  So go try it people, you know you want to!

Keep your wallets full and your mouths happy!
<3 DD

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